The CODE is a flourish and magic DVD by Mattgic and MaXim.

The DVD contains:

• A 45mn movie about Cardistry with some flourish demos (teaser here), full of action, suspense and humor
• A Studio part with everything explained in detail: About 15 techniques, plus their variations. Flourishes, magic effects, productions…
• An Extra part with Bonus ; street made tutorials, out takes, hidden footages

We started this project only for a few friends but soon lots of people became interested. We wanted this DVD to be cool and nice to watch. It’s an amateur project made for those who love flourishes, magic and/or films.
The flourishes you’ll learn in this DVD will allow you to create your own variations and your own material. We hope to give you some ideas so that you find your variations.

Check out our youtube channel to watch some of our videos :

The CODE is already available in DVD, in two versions, English and French with the same content.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

pixel The CODE

18€ Shipping Included.*

*Shipping & handling fees are on the house for a limited time so act now and get your copy before they are gone.

The CODE: Français

pixel The CODE

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