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Up and Coming #5: Stanese Ciprian from Romania

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Up and Coming #5: Stanese Ciprian from Romania

akashicbanner Up and Coming #5: Stanese Ciprian from Romania

Inventions! most of the material is created in past 2 months until that time i was learning so Enjoy!
P.S. there are parts/utillity moves from those credited at the end but if someone saw his move and not got credit then i`m sorry, i came up with this things on my own in my personal cave!!!

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10 Responses to “Up and Coming #5: Stanese Ciprian from Romania”

  1. Tibi Says:

    whoaa.. big fan of you!.. Congrats man..

  2. Gareth J Says:

    Some many ideas I like here, great vid.

  3. BnP Says:

    good concept video.oozing with lots of ideas.not all of them were good though, but ideas nonetheless. and NEW, and i think original…

  4. shadowlion63 Says:

    I really liked this! really nice job on the creativity!

  5. Predator Says:

    what one can more want! Thanks Alejndro!
    and thanks for the comments guys

  6. Hnikolaj Says:

    Maybe 5th time i see this video, really like it!
    The first cut is badass tutorial please :D

  7. Hnikolaj Says:

    Or i mean the second one..

  8. Predator Says:

    thanks, i will do man ! i am so curious how other guys (more skilled) will handle it because is just so freakin` hard:)

  9. DkCode Says:

    a lot of new stuffs xD

  10. Dean Says:

    Watch + bracelet on the same hand = fail. :))