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Jon Ramirez – My reality is my dear

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Jon Ramirez – My reality is my dear

ramirez Jon Ramirez   My reality is my dear

The Premiere of “My reality is my dear”

“My reality is my dear” is the end result of what started off as a dream I had when in Temecula on New Years day. The dream was all about the smooth moving, the soft touch, and the beauty of what a deck of cards can bring us when tapped into that quite isolated from the world mind set. Every tiny detail from that dream was touched on in this video. There purposely is a cinematic approach to this video that I personally feel does justice to my dream. I can honestly say it has been a very fun and challenging experience to make that dream a reality. I hope you find “My reality is my dear” appealing. Thank you for stopping by.

Dream on,
Jon R.

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7 Responses to “Jon Ramirez – My reality is my dear”

  1. trashmanf Says:

    nice little duck change combo. looks like you messed up @50 seconds after the watchspin though and just edited out the failed catch. good overall cinematic feel, 3 stars dogg

  2. Dllusion Says:

    great little movie.
    thumbs up ;)

  3. jak Says:

    I dont like the new rating system…. +1 out of 7 votes for this awesome video. It deserves more. Just awesome smoothness man. It was really a pleasure to watch this one!
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Doug Says:

    This video creates a wonderful atmosphere with the scene setting and music. I was disappointed when it ended. Keep up the good work.

  5. Leo Says:

    Perfect video for a perfect dream

  6. cj Says:

    bored me really, the music felt like i was in horror film, but moves were done well, but that was like 08 moves we seen to many times. 2 stars

  7. SinCard Says:

    @cj , this video more better then your video “only if i was cj” . hahaha