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Arcane Playing Cards Review by our Singaporeans…

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Arcane Playing Cards Review by our Singaporeans…

Our very own Singaporeans got their hands onto some fresh Arcane Playing Cards

Leon Tai, Harapan Ong, Ling, Claudia and Kenneth review the arcanes!

Hi Leon! I’m doing 3P with my Arcanes!

arcane3p Arcane Playing Cards Review by our Singaporeans...

-Alejandro Portela

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14 Responses to “Arcane Playing Cards Review by our Singaporeans…”

  1. -Mike- Says:

    They look terrible in fans…:x
    Guess I got my hopes up for nothing…-_-

  2. Tarvi Says:

    They look incredible in giant fans!

  3. Hanzo Says:

    Is that Hor Yit Meng shop?

  4. Billy Says:

    lol..harapan? XD what a nice name..xD

  5. Ambrose Says:

    @ Hanzo : Yeap that’s the Hor Yit Meng shop that flourishers frequent :)

  6. Harapan Ong Says:

    @ Billy

    Yes, it’s a nice name. It means “Hope” in Malay.

    And it’s my real name. Really.

    Billy’s a good name too.

    - harapan. magic!

  7. Nick Says:

    ahaha! this was great :) i love the backs, i think the face cards will have to grow on me, i didn’t find them too appealing. But it looks great, finally the guys at Ellusionist broke the regular bicycle design.

  8. Hanzo Says:

    I bought a few decks at Hor Yit Meng couple month ago when I came to Singapore. They have everything on their shop. It make me wanna stay there all day =)

  9. TheCuso Says:

    A month ago?????? :O

  10. Caruso Says:

    hmmm…. leon is an exact daren.. :(

  11. LLin Says:

    Hey Harapan, how much is each Arcane deck at Hor Yit Meng? 10~15 bucks I suppose?

  12. Eugene Says:

    so u mean arcane decks are selling in singapore alr?? is there any other place that sells them?

  13. Harapan Ong Says:

    Hi LLin

    I am really doubtful if they actually sell it yet at Hor Yit Meng. We just found the Arcane lying around there, all used and beat up.

    - harapan. magic!

  14. LLin Says:

    Yea I just went there last week and said they were coming in a day or two, so I just bought loads of bikes =.=