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.thecuso interviews XCMeijin

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.thecuso interviews XCMeijin

xcmeijin copia

It’s time for another .thecuso interview. This time I bring you another Xtreme Card Manipulator, Mr. Mark Law aka XCMeijin.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy this awesome interview.


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9 Responses to “.thecuso interviews XCMeijin”

  1. -Mike- Says:

    Awesome interview!
    Though I dont use powdered cards and I can do the giant twirl several times in a row. ;P

  2. Ampersan5340 Says:

    Finally you make anoither interview that was like the whole reason I checked thecuso

  3. Jamal Says:

    Make more interviews

  4. -Mike- Says:

    Interview Jamal next.

  5. Leo Says:

    nice interview..and music.

  6. Iain Says:

    Go Mark – although next time I want to give you more depth of field – stupid stock Zeiss lens haha!

  7. XCMeijin Says:

    Haha Iain, looking forward to using them in future videos XD

    To everyone else, if you have any questions for me, go ahead and post’em up here. Already left a note on the comments section on Youtube for people to do the same.


    - Mark

  8. Finley Says:

    i agree more of live performances for people. Having there reactions could prove very benificail to the comunity on what works and whats isolated by the comunity.

    I love how you did one or two takes for your examle of what you do.

  9. Jack Sosso Says:

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