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Tribute to Mahka Tendo

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Tribute to Mahka Tendo

Pic47 Mahka%20Tendo2 Tribute to Mahka TendoIf you are following me at twitter you already know I have started practising Naoki Ogi’s Three-Sixty fan, which can be found in “New Magic Of Japan” page 61, authored by Phil Goldstein & Richard Kaufman, Published by Kaufman and Greenberg, 1988 (Hardcover), 124 pages. (thank you @virtualerik).

It has been many times miscredited as Toyozane Sanada’s fan which can be found in Eccentricks, but this is a complete different method for the full circle fan. (thank you @jonashaglund)

It’s known to be one of the most difficult flourishes to perform well, and I can tell you it is, at lest, the hardest i’ve ever tried.

I searched youtube for some performance videos to see if I could catch a glimpse at any tips to help me out, only to discover that there are not many videos of people doing it, for the good reason stated above, I guess.

It was a move that had been in my to-do list forever but since I saw it again at Tracy’s Tribute to De’vo video I knew it was time to give it some priority.

In this video you can see the Japanese master manipulator Mahka Tendo performing on stage and creating impossible card productions and jawdropping fans, including Naoki Ogi’s 360 fan.

This video is a tribute to Mahka Tendo, who passed away at the age of 49 on May 26, 2009, for his incredible work as a magician and card manipulator, to always remember him for being one of the best.

Rest in Peace.

Tired of card flourishing? Learn the REAL Magic. Click Here! Tribute to Mahka Tendo

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8 Responses to “Tribute to Mahka Tendo”

  1. Allan Says:

    Rest in Peace, Mahka Tendo.
    I had the honor of meeting him and seeing him perform some absolutely fantastic manipulations – some of which he even graciously allowed me to film during FISM 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden.

  2. TheCuso Says:

    Do you still have that footage? Maybe it’s the proper time to release it…

    But yeah, i know your schedule is too tight right now.

    Damn university… I’m stressed too!

  3. Jonas Says:

    I think some of the footage is in the FISM-video actually, he’s the one doing the rollouts. I met him there as well. One of the greats of card manipulation have left us, thanks to him for all he contributed.

  4. NdhiKaa Says:

    oh my god.. double 360fan.. damn..

  5. Ryoma Says:

    I loved that vid, the bgm was nice, the ending unexpected, and some of the moves were damn smooth and crazy

  6. Joehudon Says:

    I was pissed off seeing the guitar production got no reaction omg lol.

  7. wilson Says:

    that one handed s-fan is crazy

  8. In Memoriam « zzzauberBlog Says:

    [...] Mahka Tendo [...]