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Garry A – Battle vs Jaspas

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Garry A – Battle vs Jaspas

This is a video I composed nearly a month ago intended for a fun “battle” that was arranged with my friend Jaspas.

However, the battle was postponed due to the presence of more significant priorities in life. So I guess I’ll share this now for your viewing purposes while I organize my plans to construct a much more superior video in the distant future…

-Garry A

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6 Responses to “Garry A – Battle vs Jaspas”

  1. jak Says:


  2. Darraimou Says:

    Do you think you can do better? i that it was entertaining. It really good.

  3. Phillip Chua Says:

    yeah jak… i’d like to see you top that.

  4. jak Says:

    guys, read my comment on his spring jam video and u know what I dont like…I just can say….boring

  5. de'vo Says:

    once again…

  6. Kawaii!! Says:

    dON’t wOrrY abOUT eM garrY tHEY r lOSEr tHEY caN’T evEN dO tHE mECHANICS GRIP* o_O