ellusionist black cards

A perfect tutorial on How-Not-To perform for a live audience…

Just kidding, he’s not that bad… i guess he just needs some practice in front of real humans and stay away from the forums underworld.

The only thing that i found lame was the tshirt. Thanks for the video though it was worth blogging, i enjoyed it a lot and i hope to see more live videos from you.

Thanks again and keep it up dogg!


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Most Commented Posts

15 Responses to “Trashmanf – Live XCM and Magic Show”

  1. dude Says:

    Oh men, you suck so much.

  2. trash Says:

    lol goddammit, the cuso always blogs my videos because he knows they’ll get lost of “you suck” comments on his website :D damn you alejandro! ;-) hehe

  3. TheCuso Says:

    i do because i both love and hate you hehe

  4. xxGOBxxBLUTHxx Says:

    lol. The keyboard played didnt look impressed with the backpalming for some reason :P

  5. Spastiker Says:

    he fucked up almost every move

  6. Vincent Dark Says:

    i forgot how freakishly tall you are..maybe thats why the keyboard is knee level with you.
    I’ll give you props for doin armspreads live though.

  7. trash Says:

    haha vincent, rich said the same thing when I met up with him. and hes 6′ 1″ !

    the armspreads and fans got a bit tricky as the show went on b/c it was warm outside, my hands and arms were getting stickey (and nervous lol), but luckily those cards had plenty of fanpow and it wasnt very windy.

  8. mhhh Says:

    Mhhhh, dunno why but it doesnt look that elegant.
    U really arch the back…try to stand up straight when u perform…

  9. Sean Fast Says:

    lol i agree mad props for live dual armspreads, i’m afraid to do that move alone in my room.

  10. trash Says:

    Well, I know I suck hard! But it feels so cool to be part of the XCM underground. I AM SOMEBODY!!

  11. Philip Says:

    I need to get me an old guy with a keyboard and pot LMAO. I agree with the first comment.

  12. trash Says:

    philip you pansy , you seriously wrote in “trash” in my name and made a stupid comment. how pathetic.

  13. Philip Says:

    lol actually i didn’t, but that was pretty awesome. I use my own name… you are the one who is pathetic maybe you gotta watch your video again. The old guy sees all LOL. How much you get paid working at retirement homes?

  14. Philip Says:

    Wow I’m a fagggot. Yesterday I swallowed almost two gallons of my boyfriends cum!!

  15. Sharyn Adolphsen Says:

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