[Your Style] Hyo – Variety

Posted on: June 20, 2008

I personally loved this video. Although it’s a classic style of video-making, indoor background and no parallel theme, it showed and focused on the cards and the flourishes themselves.

The editing was clean and clear, the moves were a bit familiar to all of us at first but very well combined in an almost uncut cardistry routine that finished with some gems like that circle display.

Smooth, creative and stylish even in the credits at the end. And he also includded his own Nebula sequence!

Watch out for this guy because he’s here to kick some asses.

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8 Responses to “[Your Style] Hyo – Variety”

  1. C)S Says:

    You… are smooth. Smooth in such a way, that I don’t care if you could “pick up the speed a bit”. I don’t know why, I liked this very much. Actually, you could speed it up a tiny bit. :P

  2. trash Says:

    dude this was possibly one of the top 5 videos I have ever seen in my life.

    Hyo… whoever you are you are the MAN!

  3. enigma Says:

    Some vids I can tell how much I will like from the first 5-10 seconds. Others I’ll be a little off, or I’ll be surprised a decent amount. This video currently holds the title for biggest surprise. I started out thinking wow, this is such a generic video I kinda wanna go watch something else. At the end, I was like whoa, this video is possibly a classic. I really enjoyed watching it.

  4. laserbrain69 Says:


    I have just left been speechless.

    That is now, my favourite video of all time. I just cannot tell you how beautiful that was.

    Genius at its pinnacle. A job more than well done mate.


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  6. Judaspriestrock Says:

    Coool man, smooooth asssss.

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  8. frendey Says:

    nice one…
    i want the cuso see this guy from my country..
    this guy been doing flourish for too long..
    i think at my country in malaysia..he was the greatest flourisher..
    take a look at this link..this is him and some other friends from here..




    –this all the link of him and the others..

    hope you will watch them..