[Your Style] Damian L – Volatile

Posted on: June 20, 2008

Vol.at.i.le(adj)- Unpredictable, changeable, explosive.

My one year video featuring some of my created material variations on tricks.

-Damian L

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7 Responses to “[Your Style] Damian L – Volatile”

  1. Dleerium Says:

    Hey Alejandro
    Thanks for featuring my vid on your blog :P


  2. Wilfred Says:

    that is way too cool…
    love the last magic trick…

  3. Eugene Soh Says:

    My favorite one by far -IMO

    The music is well synced

  4. Mattgic Says:

    Very good stuff here. I loved the thing at 0:29.
    Thanks for the Scenacle credit but it’s ScenAcle not ScenEcle ;)

  5. Dleerium Says:

    Ohhh crap …Scenacle >< Really sorry Matt. Lol and to think I watched and downloaded f501 and still cant spell the name right -_-.
    Cheers for the comment

  6. xxGOBxxBLUTHxx Says:

    I really liked the Derren Brown Zamiel’s Rose sequence. Great video!

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