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style competition

Hey all, heres an update.

The videos received so far, have been incredible.
5 Entries have been received, but they have all been brilliant and we look forward to seeing more.

‘Flashy’, ‘Technical’, ‘Creativity’, ‘Unique’ and ‘Elegance’

We have also updated the prizes

Second: CoinTwo by Homer Liwag

Third: Believe (DVD) by Joel Paschall

As well as the massive first prize.

Because of this we have extended the closing date until the 15th of June.

Click here to read the rules.

Have Fun and remember, any questions, email me at Twozwozer@hotmail.com or contact Blink through www.themagicreview.com

Cheers, Tom

Come on guys, only 5 entries? Don’t miss these amazing prizes!

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19 Responses to ““Your Style” Competition Updated”

  1. Blink Says:

    Thanks Cuso,

    And once again,

    Best of luck to everyone

  2. theCardster Says:

    You all are too nice to us..


    :D :D :D

  3. Blink Says:


    I believe this competition is a great thing for the young magicians out there.

    You see a lot of youtube videos where people seem to act like their favourite magicians, I have even seen many using similar voices etc to their favourite magicians.

    This makes them try and pin-point something about their particular style and use that to build upon their video.

    All the entries have made a great effort to show this off, and its much appreciated.

    We just recieved ‘Chill’ as another entry, and its once again done this fantastically.


  4. Wilson. Says:

    Great! to see that you have extended the deadline for more submissions and as well as add more prizes

    Best luck to everyone that submits a video to this competition


  5. Josh Says:

    What if you get second or third, and are a flourisher and you don’t want a magic dvd? Are there alternate prizes?

  6. Mathias Says:

    ^Maybe those magic dvds will spark an interest in those flourishers who don’t do magic.

    I got get my entry in soon. The prizes are awesome.

  7. Josh Says:

    I quit magic to flourish so… I mean I don’t want a dvd other something I don’t want to learn. So alternate prizes??

  8. Blink Says:

    If a flourisher wins second or third prize, I am happy to discuss organizing a different prize.

    Remembering though these prizes are 100% completely coming from my pocket.

    In saying that though we could always organize some decks of cards, or something of the like.

    Thanks for the question, and comments!

  9. Sean Fast Says:

    Lol I can’t find where to send the video for the contest. (Even htough I haven’t filmed it yet.)
    Oh ya I was just talking to brendan conner about this on hotmail- he’s gonna win this. I’m putting money on him.

  10. Blink Says:

    Send it to me at matt@themagicreview.com

    Yep, I recieved Brendan’s today,
    and it is a great video.

    Definately up there :).

  11. Wilson. Says:

    Damn you Brendan Conner haha

    im nervous now..


  12. Josh Says:

    So Blink, or anyone else that has seen them, how do you rank the current flourish videos, or which one is your favorite, from Garry Wilson Sam and Brendan?

  13. Josh Says:

    sam: http://youtube.com/watch?v=R8UP48N93kE



  14. Wilson. Says:

    HAHA Sean.Fast
    did you Luka (de_lux) is also entering?


    Josh I am sure Brendan is on the top as of now


  15. Matt Says:

    No favourites,

    And though skill is obviously judged, there are many other factors we are looking at.

    Were going to take a fair amount of time to look into the videos, starting this week/next week and write up a lot of feedback/review them all.

    I have been trying my best to give everyone the best chance possible by supplying short feedback with every entry recieved, and even on the occasion given ideas to make the video better, and allowed re-entries.

    Im sure you will all agree, the quality is really brilliant for all entries.

  16. Blink Says:

    Hey Josh,

    No favourites.

    But there are some amazing entries.

    Lets try and keep them under wraps a bit until the 15th ;)

  17. JD Says:

    My favorite is between Garry & Sam. The material in both of them is pretty nice. Wilson’s is okay, I don’t like it that much though.

  18. Wilson. Says:

    Sorry to hear that JD
    but I respect your opinion…i’ll step my game up next time =)


  19. Blink Says:


    At the very moment, we are finding it hard to work out the top 3, let alone the winner.

    Keep them coming!