TheCuso interviews Kate

Posted on: April 4, 2008

This time i’m interviewing Kate aka BabycatXD a lovely flourisher from Canada that has improved massively in the last months. She is know for her collaboration videos with Jay, another great friend of mine that will also be interviewed soon.
Check out the video and feel free to leave a comment with any question you would like to ask her.

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14 Responses to “TheCuso interviews Kate”

  1. TicaL Says:

    Nah the interview wasn’t long – vince had a long Interview xD
    I hope my lil’ spanish joke last time on yt wasn’t disrespectfull to you, Kate!?
    One thing that shocked me was, when it came to tricks I had answered almost the same like you – I luv 2 card monté, the biddle trick stuff like that, I rly like queens and even done stigmata now a few times and it always works great…and you know – I thought I wouldn’t be that much into magic xD

  2. xxGOBxxBLUTHxx Says:

    I love this girl! Great interview, Kate. You, me, and Tical all like the same tricks because they have proven themselves to be quite effective. Can’t wait to see your new tricks, Kate.

  3. Vincent Dark Says:

    Great interview kate….alot of very good points and information in there. Hopefully people will take it to heart and really think about what you said in there. Thanks for the mention as well….but i don’t remember being that hard on you for your first vid. I remember Cunning Stunts giving you a hard time
    Anyways…looking forward to your next big solo vid that i keep hearing about.

  4. kate Says:

    Thanks Cuso, and thank you guys for your comments :P

    @ Tical hehe so you’re into magic as well afterall :P

    @Jay (K)

    @Vincent Dark, hehe well harsh or not :P I did get excellent points to work on and that’s what I meant.
    Also hmm yeah I’m taking all the time I need for that solo vid I keep planning to film, always a new collab coming first :P oh well can’t do everything at the same time

  5. N Palmer Says:

    Great interview Kate! We all have enjoyed watching you grow into this, I hope many others will get inspiration from you!

  6. Daniël Says:

    Great interview. Not boring at all, time flies! :D And you mentioned some very good things! Combining styles isn’t that bad imo. I actually think you DID create your own style by doing what you do now on the YouTube videos! I just love them!

    My questions to Kate…? Euh.. Wanna go out on a date with me? :P

    xD Just kidding ^^’

    ~ Morphweasel

  7. xxGOBxxBLUTHxx Says:

    If any of us are going out on a date with her…. it’s Vincent ;)

  8. Chris Severson Says:

    haha, vincant would say it like it is! lol, hes a good guy, great interveiw!

  9. kate Says:

    @Daniël bribe me with a cat I might accept a date lol

    I don’t get why Vincent should get a date lol

    besides I am hapilly married…to my deck of cards,
    just kidding :P
    thanks for the comments :) glad you folks enjoyed with vid

  10. Vincent Dark Says:

    yeah, i don’t get it either…kate knows a date with me would never happen….but if someone screwed her over she knows that i would personally hunt them down.

  11. Daniël Says:

    @Kate: Damn. Just ran out of cats…

    Sorry TheCuso for going off-topic again ^^’ (Geez, I’m good at that :D)

  12. TicaL Says:

    lol – me too geez xD haha

    where da fuck is hitch!? we need him!

  13. caruso Says:

    awesome to know more bout u kate

  14. Josh Says:

    She isn’t that good, and she thinks shes hot but she’s fugly.