ellusionist black cards

Here is one of the surprises… I got these emails from Jacek with his wishes to giveaway his 3rd place to… well, i wont spoil it yet, first read the emails:

“Hi Cuso,

I’m glad that I won the 3rd prize. But I got a little secret, that I have to tell You: I am professional photographer and I took part in Your contest only to check if I can win. I am not magician- in fact I use cards only to play poker- LOL (but I really like Your blog :) )

But anyway- I want to give my prize to somebody else. To be precise- to the guy that made this photo (“cards+nature+me”):


I guess that his nickname is “tytan”. So please contact him and tell him that I found his photo the most interesting and professional, and that’s why I want to give him my prize.

cheers, Jacek”

And the other one…

“Hi Cuso,

I am glad You like my photo, but If You really like it so much- then please do me a favour: send the prize to the guy I have chosen :)
Sending those cards to me would be a total waste :P And I belive that this kid (“tytan”) will make good use of them.

I really think it’s a fair deal :) In fact- if I really won those cards- I can do with them whatever I want.
And my will is to give them to the guy that, made the best photo (at least in my opinion).
That’s all :)

PS; If You are not going to send him the prize that I won, then I will have to ask You to remove my photo from your blog and from the flickr.com (and I really don’t want to do that :) )

cheers, Jacek”

So i guess we have a new wynner, Tytan with “cards+nature+me”

playing cards

Congratulations, contact me to claim your Wynns :)

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2 Responses to “The 3rd prize goes to… UPDATED”

  1. Daniël Says:

    Wow. Now that’s cool news for tytan :)
    Congratiolations, Tytan! :D

  2. tytan Says:

    I am really happy… that’s awesome news :)

    thanks Cuso and thanks Jacek :)