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2259942955 f7142659db o Valentines day 2008Hi guys, how are you today? some of you are going to have a nice day and some others probably not.

For me, well i have an exam tomorrow so i’m going to be between my books all day long. Sad isn’t it?
I wont have time to blog about any updates on the Bicycle 909 Centurions hunting game so i’ll need your help for this.
If you discover anything make a comment, im thinking of ways to reward the ones that discover relevant clues, i just don’t have much time now but tomorrow i’ll be free!

Well since it’s Valentine’s day today we have to talk about love, and magic because what is more magical than pure love? ok, ok let me be less cheesy :P

The first thing that came to my mind when i sat here to write this post was Love and Hate, a very nice old school xcm video by my friend Tical which includes a performance of the ying yang fan.

But also Daniel Madison is releasing two magic tricks as a Valentine’s special in his website:

 Valentines day 2008 Valentines day 2008
I look forward to see a photo from him for the Photography Competition now that I’m giving free advertisemente here hehe.

When comes to the Gift scene, well, unless your girlfriend is a kickass flourisher like Ling, or Kate, or you love playing cards as much as Katie Egleston does (i’m also waiting for your picture Katie!) then i dont see the point of buying more playing cards! But if you do make sure you get the discounts from our sponsors for the cheapest playing cards ever.

So be creative and kind with your partner or have a nice dinner with your Pepe Carrol’s 52 Lovers.

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One Response to “Valentine’s day 2008”

  1. ISAAC Says:

    Awesome write-up, really! I really love this time of the year! Valentine’s is just about here.