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DC 1611 Theory11 Bicycle 909 Centurions Cards CLUESRemember the release of theory11? they did a treasure hunt that ended up with some bicycle guardians given away into locked boxes and the launch of the magic site.

Well, there they go again. For the release of the Centurions they are doing the same lets-hype-and-be-like-ellusionist kind of thing to get people to check the forums 24/7.
I stood up until like 6 in the morning the 1st of september for…nothing. I just wont do it again.

Here are the clues so far:

A hidden page http://www.theory11.com/909/ which has a picture of the centurions box in someone’s hand (daniel madison’s?) and in the bottom left corner the words “Intelligenti Pauca” which means “few words suffice for he who understands”.

Another hidden page with another picture here: http://theory11.com/909/index_11.php with the words “Intelligenti + – Pauca” Discovered by Peter
also this code which is the clue to the next page:

img src="DC_1611.jpg" alt="909_t11+Bicycle"
!-- edition.909_+_ --

Another hidden page http://www.theory11.com/909/909_t11.php by Mitch


Here is the video from the media section in direct download (right click and save as…)

Here is the video in .rar format for download: Bicycle 909 Centurions 
Thanks to Noah

And here the tutorial to download the videos: How to download theory 11 videos.

Well guys now it’s your choice to follow along this thing or just wait like wise men like they did the first time. But if i were you I’d rather be focusing on taking a cool photo for my Photo Competition :)

Oh and btw, if you guys want to share the clues write a comment here, your post will be deleted in the theory11 forums but here it will be welcome and credited (with a link to your site/youtube)

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39 Responses to “Theory11 Bicycle 909 Centurions Cards CLUES”

  1. Peter Says:

    look at the page source for the theory11.com/909

    and you should find the words index_11.php

    than you input that to make it theory11.com/909/index_11.php

  2. TheCuso Says:

    thanks man, ive also found this there:
    < img src="DC_1611.jpg" alt="909_t11+Bicycle" width="600" height="514" / >

  3. Peter Says:

    well see thats the thing i found that already. but wasnt sure if it was a clue just because it was sort of like a banner. if you look at the forum thread i said i found 2 pictures or a 3rd website but wasnt sure.

    After that i am totally dead. I have no more ideas or thoughts

  4. Anonymous Says:

    To get from /909/ to /909index_11.php you can click the + – in “Intelligenti + – Pauca” which you can see if you adjust the image contrast, or you can just look at the source.

    I also noticed in the image that near the wrist there is a number looks like 660 or something, mgiht be 099 upside down? It’s rather blurry and I can’t make it out, but it looks clue like.

    I’m not sure why you posted the image code as a clue, the comment bit could be a clue, but the rest looks like the usual code they used from the previous page.

  5. TheCuso Says:

    thanks annonymous but next time reveal your name so you can be credited for your clues ;)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    as of right now… there are no more ‘click’ on links… as for changing the url… im not sure

    12:14 EST

  7. Noah sebek Says:

    hey Alejandro! im a loyal reader, And have been looking for clues, and have loaded a converted video of the Centurion 909 vid into a .rar file to make it easier for others.

  8. TheCuso Says:

    thanks noah, now keep searching those damn hidden clues :P

    ;) Alejandro

  9. thecardster Says:

    In the vid there is //theory11.developmentbicycle.909


  10. thecardster Says:

    oh.. and one more thing
    i searched in Google what “Centurions “mean – (in ancient Rome) the leader of 100 soldiers -”Centurion”

    and the picture whit the centurions box in someone’s hand it is Madisons hands because in the vid in 0:39 – 0:40 flashes Two signatures D + M

    Thats what i found…

  11. RichmanMatthew Says:

    There also is //theory11.developmentbicycle.808b

  12. Noah Says:

    CHecked DM’s site and Devil’s ADvocate. Nothing. Also, could you post my link on you front page (for the download)? Thanks.

  13. encaenmi Says:

    Only thing I found is, that in the video, the words intellgenti pauca are briefly shown.

    Also, does magicisdead.com have anything to do with this?

  14. Peter Says:

    if it relates to magicisdead.com

    than daniel madison has a new trick or deck of cards called dangerous.

    View source page for magicisdead.com

    found link called http://www.theory11.com/artists/DanielMadison_Dangerous_01.php

    picture has something DANGEROUS this way comes.

  15. Peter Says:

    also on magicisdead.com instead of viewing page source

    simply press ctrl + a and you will see a


    on the bottom of the page. press that

    and you should get to the link i just described

  16. Somnilocus Says:

    In regards to this: http://www.theory11.com/artists/DanielMadison_Dangerous_01.php

    The file on that page is titled Daniel_mAdison_Cerca.jpg

    Again, the odd capitalization. Likely a clue will be revealed this way.

  17. mikegoyke Says:

    I’m Pretty Sure its only going to be 1 new page a day…and if not it wont be updated till 11 pm tonight

  18. Somnilocus Says:

    Also, I haven’t really kept up with DM’s site until recently — is this possibly related? http://www.danielmadison.co.uk/And.htm

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I get it. These cards will be bigger! 808 bikes are regular, mini bikes are 404, 909 muct be bigger, along with the source code it makes sense.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    hey guys just found the third link and looking for new clues. (3rd photo link I mean)

  21. Mitch Says:



  22. Mike Says:

    to get to the 4th page it has to do with edition.909_+_ in the source code and you have to reverse it i’ve been told

  23. tman93 Says:

    yo dudes. Here’s something interesting


    it’s the same as the index page but it’s still a link. I’ll keep watching it

    Thanks, tman and david

  24. Anonymous Says:

    You didn’t think to try any URL did you?

    http://www.theory11.com/909/909_t11.php/jesus/ works as well, it’s just how the CMS must handle pages since you kept the page name in it doesn’t take the /bit/ as a directory.

  25. thecardster Says:

    Mundus vult decipi — the world wants to be deceived

  26. Loki Says:

    intelligenti pauca means “Few words suffice for he who understands” in latin .. again.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Did the picture change… I don’t see DM

  28. Anonymous Says:

    On the 4th picture it has someting like 5 1 in shadow not sure if this is anything?


  29. Anonymous Says:

    ok… so DM is not just holding a two … hes in the middle of doing sybil with what looks like a 9, 10, and ace of spades

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Im not up to date on the Theory 11 contest thing which is currently going on. But, on Daniel Madisons myspace, there is a banner which says “Something Dangerous This Way Comes”…

    Maybe there are other clues on his myspace or website…

  31. mike Says:

    ive gotten stuck on http://www.theory11.com/909/edition/

  32. KardKiller Says:

    theres not only the 2 of clubs but others it looks like sybil of some sort?
    no luck so far…still searching.

    Jonathan Hoff

  33. Kevin Says:

    has anyone notice the 9 of Diamonds shadow at the top left corner in clue 4??

  34. AjDeF3 Says:

    More clues!

    Tom Isaacsons artist page:


    It has lots of hidden stuff. Start with highlighting the whole page.

    I found this picture in the source



  35. AjDeF3 Says:


    And that one..

  36. Kevin Says:

    I think some one has posted this but just to verify theres a hidden clue after the end of the message.


  37. Ben Says:

    Look on Andrei Jikh’s page. At the bottom is a black square with the name cercaT1202.

  38. Centurion Says:

    If you like films with plenty of violence, then see Centurion, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

  39. Dalton Doe Says:

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