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 TheCuso interviews Jordan Lapping
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6 Responses to “TheCuso interviews Jordan Lapping”

  1. Daniƫl Says:

    Wow! It’s cool that you’ve interviewed him! :D

    Personally, I must agree with Jordan: Alejandro, you’ve got a great blog, and learned very quick in the past years. You guys are my favorite magicians/flourishers (Jordan and you, Cuso) on YouTube (who are making free videos)…
    So, keep on going’, both of you guys!

    …And for the one that will rock hard in the future… well; you havn’t seen my videos yet :P

    No, just kiddin’ ;) I’m definatley not as good as you two; but i’ll keep practicing, and hopefully will upload my first movies soon (my camera has crashed… all holidaypictures/movies gone… :S)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    niiiice! my fav magician ! the video interview idea is great !

  3. Naquada Says:

    Really enjoyed that… nice to hear a fellow British voice :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i agree, you dont see two many british magicians any more :(
    but yer he rocks

  5. Twozwozer Says:

    If you think British Magicians are rare, then come to New Zealand, there are only 3 Pros over here, and so far Ive only met one.

    Cheers, Tom

  6. TheCuso: Magic, Flourishes and XCM Tutorials» Blog Archive » Meeting David Stone and Helder Guimaraes Says:

    [...] also bought some stuff from the local shops (rare decks, a red close up mat like Jordan’s and more)That was a very nice day.Im meeting David Stone again in November for a lecture i have to [...]